Choose to be Kind

In a world where we can be anything,




The inspiration for this title

I love that a primary school is sending a message to the community about kindness.  



We All Need Compassion

Compassion is a funny thing.  In our society, it is easy for us to show and justify having compassion for others. Why do we have such a difficult time showing it to ourselves?  We live in a commercialized world where we constantly get messages that we are NOT good enough, we don’t dress right, we aren’t thin enough, don’t drive the right car.  It is difficult not to continually judge, criticize, and compare ourselves to others and find ourselves lacking.



What we all need is more understanding and awareness of the negative messages that bombard us daily and have compassion for when we get sucked in.  We need compassion for the fact that sometimes we lose sight; that we are perfect just the way we are.  There may be things we would like to tweak or enhance, but on any given day there is more right with us than wrong.


Let’s look at compassion

  • Compassion – A human quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.
  • How do we show compassion to others?  We listen, we show concern, we have a wish to help, or at least show understanding.
  • Being human involves difficult times.  We are all subject to loss, sadness, disappointment, and many other experiences that are out of our control.
  • We have all suffered some, or more, of these human experiences; experiences that are just part of living?

So, we have to ask ourselves, if we can easily show compassion to others, why can’t we show compassion to ourselves.  Compassion is recognizing the humanity in all of us.

We all experience pain, we have all experienced suffering. 

Here is my gift for you, please download my 11 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself.  You will find tips and Ways of Being to bring compassion into your life and know you are “good enough” at any given time.

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