Loss is the opportunity to start fresh

Loss is the Opportunity to Start Fresh

Web World Strategies review.


So here I am, trying to cut costs, randomly deleting things and opting out.  What do I do, completely erase my business email account.  I didn’t pay attention to the details.  I just thought, “I don’t need to pay that $5 a month for g-suite, I only use the email” – DELET.

Everything was gone, even from my phone.  Only later did I learn that yes, gmail is free, but g-suite was my host for it.  By deleting g-suite I erased my host.  I lost all my google docs, saved YouTube, and email history.  PANIC sets in.  What have I done, how could I be so stupid?  Every time I try to make things better I make them worse.  I call my webhosting guy, Shawn, at www.webworldst.com, and he talks me down.  I hate that someone else has to fix my mistakes.  It leaves me feeling worthless and incompetent.  I was starting to get to the point where I thought I was on the right track with my business and making smart moves.  WOW.   Shawn assured me that he had seen worse and it can all be fixed.

After being at my business mindset group the day before and getting clarity and energy back on what I need to do to succeed, my goal was to spend a few hours looking at my advertising and streamlining it.  Hence the deletion of g-suite.  Then the afternoon was going to be spent writing emails and making promotional material.  Actual day –  berating myself, talking with Shawn, and feeling discouraged and hopeless to the point where I had myself losing my home because I was so incompetent and living off social assistance.  However, I wouldn’t even have been able to arrange this because I would be too depressed and lack even the basic of skills to take care of myself.  My family and friends, if they chose to, would have to take care of me and I really would be the loser I was calling myself.

So, I took a nap.  I knew deep in my mind that these thoughts were counter productive to everything Ioverwhelmed, take a nap believed in this world and they weren’t even true.  I took a step back.  The thoughts still came but they had less of a pull.  The mind and thoughts are powerful.  Thankfully, because of my meditation practice and knowing that we have much more control over our thoughts than was once ever thought (neuroplasticity) I have been slowly wearing down the destructive pathways in my mind that keep me from going down the rabbit hole of despair.  Because of this the rational thoughts came a easier this time.  While I was still discouraged I knew it would get resolved and life would continue on.  In the mean time I have arranged with a friend to make cookies this week for the women shelter and go see a play with a friend’s son in it.

cookies for sharing


It can’t all be about work and discouragement!   



Epilogue: Shawn was wonderful.  It took a week, and this was mostly because there was a glitch in the google system, but I now have my email back.  I did lose everything I saved and have to start from scratch and that is just the way it is!   It is a sign to me for a fresh beginning.

Shawn spent a week working hard for me.  I even had to tell him at 8pm on Friday night to stop working.  His response; “Cindy, when you love what you do it is not work.”  So not only does he love what he does, he also loves to help and sever others.  I highly recommend using Web World Strategies for all your website needs.

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  1. That’s Beautiful!! Thank you for being so open and honest Cindy… glad to see you have no control over your first thoughts


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