Podcast 2: Meditate the Right Way

Curious about MEDITATION: Let’s get the FACTS.

You don’t need to be a Yogi to meditate.

After this Episode You’ll have no Excuse not to Meditate

In this podcast you’ll discover what meditation is and isn’t. Everyone can meditate. We do it all the time when we concentrate. That is meditation.

What we want to bring to our formal meditation is a purpose. Whether watching the breath, noticing thoughts, or repeating a phrase over and over again. This is where we settle the mind, drop out of the ‘busyness’ of our mind and troubling thoughts, and come to know and love ourselves.

Mindfulness-awareness, or sitting meditation, comes from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

MEDITATION in Tibetan literally means to become familiar with, to make known, to know thyself

Meditation simply requires us to sit still and be with what is.

“If MINDFULNESS is like getting exercise naturally by swimming in the ocean or walking up a mountain, MEDITATION is like going to the gym and deliberately working out.”

Once you learn the basic postures and how to start slow, you’ll have no more excuses for not meditating.

The simple instructions I’m sharing with you today are all you’ll need to get started. As you go further into a daily meditation practice questions and obstacles will arise, which is quite natural. This is where my private Facebook group will be most helpful. The biggest concern I get from people is “it’s not working, my mind won’t sit still”. In the group you can ask questions and bring up obstacles. We can examine these together and I can assure you they are all normal concerns when you first start a meditation practice.