Just Breathe 

Imagine  what it would be like to be free from the past and future and live in the present moment.  To put away past regrets, guilt, and shame that keep you in sadness and depression.  To drop worries about the future that keep you in anxiety and striving for control.

In the present moment you are ‘good enough’ and have choice as to which seeds you plant in the garden of your mind.

I will listen with compassion and guide you through the tangle of thoughts that are keeping you stuck.  I will help you discover how you can take charge of your own thinking and create a new way of being that will allow you to start living rather than just surviving.


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“Feeling mad, feeling sad, feeling glad, I’m listening!”

Dr. Fraser Crane

To be a leader and authority in bringing mindfulness into the forefront of society, and dramatically impact the way individuals relate to themselves, others, community, and the world in general. So that people live with awareness and compassion and go beyond the surface level of their being; and are able to sit in stillness to all the beauty that is within and out. Having everyone live with the knowledge that they are good enough just as they are, hence, creating peace, love, and compassion for all. To bring us all back to being ‘human beings; rather than ‘human doers’.

Provide multi dimensional therapy relying heavily on Eastern influences. 1:1, groups, digital books, on-line workshops and webinars. To have a powerful learning environment which relies on traditional teachings and client sharing. Provide structured, progressive courses that incorporate home and community practice.

We live in a world that is overrun with influences that tell us we are not good enough. We are disconnected from family and friends. Work life balance is suffering as people live in a trance of not knowing who they are. Social media has left us grasping at a digital world to get our idea of how and who we ‘should’ be and our sense of worth. This is madness. It does not have to be this way. There is another way that allows people to come back to their senses and the true beauty of who they are just because they are. Through my mission I want to give individuals another way of being, realizing that life is messy, it doesn’t have to be painful. By having people wake up to all their goodness the trickle effect on the world as we know it will be astounding.


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