Depression and anxiety don't have to be the norm

Negative thinking doesn't have to dominate your life.  I’m a registered Psychotherapist and Mindfulness-Based Practitioner.  Take a journey with me to heal from within and discover your inner goodness.

- mind, body, & soul.

Mindfulness & Meditation, with therapy, can heal the wounds that hold you back

and create the peace you’ve been searching for.

Confidential, Convenient, Comfortable

I specialize in Online Therapy. There should be no barriers in seeking help. We all need another ear to help sort out what gets trapped in our heads. Let this be from the comfort of you own home. Privacy is assured with a secure link I provide. No awkward run ins with friends or acquaintances, and weather won’t hold you back. Contact me for a complimentary Consultation

Over Come Whatever is Holding you Back

  • Stop worrying about what other people think of you.

  • Imagine the freedom of dropping your stories.

  • Feel confident and at ease in all areas of your life.

  • Break free from being trapped in your head, accomplishing nothing.

  • Let go of feeling you must be perfect.   Be proud of who you are.

  • Live with more joy, peace, and happiness for yourself and all those you love.

“Powerful in its simplicity, clarity and action steps. Cindy’s a master at explaining concepts that can be difficult to understand. Listening to her talk brings me peace. The meditations are nothing short of perfection. Highly recommended to anyone with even a little bit of anxiety or low self confidence!”

— Erika Biesenthal

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Jaye Graham: What’s Up Show

Join me in this discussion where I talk about what mindfulness is and how we can use it with compassion for a kinder way to be with ourselves.

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