Welcome to the Create with Confidence Podcast

An alternative way to gain confidence and put your best self forward in business and life.

Let’s use fear and doubt to wake up and share your voice.

mindfulness, meditations, mantras, and more….

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live in the present moment wisely.”

— Buddha

Podcast 1: Automatic Pilot and Mindfulness

Let me introduce myself and tell you what ‘Create with Confidence’ is all about. In this first podcast I will talk about how we are so often on automatic pilot that we get caught up in every thought that flows through our mind and miss so much of what is here and now. You’ll learn…

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Podcast 2: Meditate the Right Way

Curious about MEDITATION: Let’s get the FACTS. You don’t need to be a Yogi to meditate. After this Episode You’ll have no Excuse not to Meditate In this podcast you’ll discover what meditation is and isn’t. Everyone can meditate. We do it all the time when we concentrate. That is meditation. What we want to…

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Podcast 3: Become Your Own Best Friend

So here it is, Podcast #3.   Does self-judgement Stop you from sharing your wisdom and creativity?  After this episode you’ll let go of judgments that are holding you back so you can confidently coach and create Part of the definition of mindfulness is taking a NON-JUDGING stance, in other words, It’s not our thoughts that are holding us back,…

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Podcast 4: The Science of Mindfulness

Neurons that FIRE together WIRE together. So here it is, Podcast #4.  The Science of Mindfulness Buddhist Wisdom shows that with awareness and meditation we can reshape the mind and create new attitudes and beliefs, Science proves it. If you still think mindfulness and meditation is all woowhoo and flighty, let me show you how science…

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Podcast 5: What’s Growing in Your Mind Garden

So, here it is, Podcast #5: What’s Growing in the Garden of Your Mind Let’s talk about seeds: Our mind is a beautiful garden made up of seeds created from our thoughts. Every piece of information from the outside world is planted in our mind – seeds. Our garden can be beautiful and full of…

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Podcast 6: Your Body is Smarter than You Are

Living from the neck down. So, here it is, Podcast #6: Why your mind is frustrated with you. After this episode Your mind will be in sync with your body and the ideas and passion will flow.  Look out world, you’re rockin it now. Your mind is trying it’s best to support and move you…

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