Podcast 3: Become Your Own Best Friend

So here it is, Podcast #3.  

Does self-judgement Stop you from sharing your wisdom and creativity? 

After this episode you’ll let go of judgments that are holding you back so you can confidently coach and create

Part of the definition of mindfulness is taking a NON-JUDGING stance, in other words, It’s not our thoughts that are holding us back, it’s our belief and reaction to them.

This is important because it’s not our lack of intelligence or creativity that paralyzes us from getting out there, its our judgments of it. Thinking ‘it should be better, it’s not good enough’.

This held me back for years.  I would be paralyzed by how harshly I judged myself and the work I did.  
No more.  My mind still judges, this is just what the mind does.  What I don’t do now is follow the judgments down the rabbit hole that kept me feeling ‘not good enough’.

“Of all the judgments we pass in life, none is more important than the judgment we pass on ourselves.          ~ Nathaniel Branden

I know it’s scary to really examine the thoughts and judgments in your mind.  It’s easier to ignore them. 
But I know first hand how this allows them to get into your subconscious until they become deep beliefs.  

So lets bring THEM (the little buggers) into the light and create a new relationship. Tame the dragon as they say. 

Learn to bring real compassion to the judgments you’ve lived by for so long by listening to this week’s entire episode.

I’ve included a guided meditation for you so you can practice letting go immediately. 

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Talk to you very soon.
Yours truly,
Cindy Owen 

Founder, Balanced Wisdom

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