Podcast 4: The Science of Mindfulness

Neurons that FIRE together WIRE together.

So here it is, Podcast #4.  The Science of Mindfulness

Buddhist Wisdom shows that with awareness and meditation we can reshape the mind and create new attitudes and beliefs,

Science proves it.

If you still think mindfulness and meditation is all woowhoo and flighty, let me show you how science proves it works

The brain is a very complex organ.  Even just 30 years ago it was believed that the brain did not change after childhood and it was fixed and hardwired by the time we became adults.

This is not true.  The brain can and does change throughout our lives – its adaptable like plastic.  This is why Neuro-scientists call it Neuroplasticity.

Our brain is being constantly reshaped throughout our lives.

I gravitated towards mindfulness over 30 years ago.  For me, it just made sense. We’re so much more than our thoughts and we have the ability to create the course of our life.  We are all part of each other and the universe. THERE IS SOMETHING MORE OUT THERE THAN JUST ME.


This is the beauty of waking up and becoming aware of what we feed our brain.  And when we start to consciously pay attention to what we feed it, we can choose what we put into it. We can choose our reality.  

There’s a saying: “garbage in, garbage out.”  What if we turn that around and say “Compassion, confidence, compassion, confidence out.”

Isn’t is amazing that we live in a world where ancient wisdom is now fact!

I’ll be going live in the fb group Friday June 28/19 at 12 noon to talk more about the Science of Mindfulness and answer questions.  

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Talk to you very soon.
Yours truly,
Cindy Owen 

Founder, Balanced Wisdom

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