Podcast 5: What’s Growing in Your Mind Garden

So, here it is, Podcast #5: What’s Growing in the Garden of Your Mind

Let’s talk about seeds: Our mind is a beautiful garden made up of seeds created from our thoughts.

Every piece of information from the outside world is planted in our mind – seeds. Our garden can be beautiful and full of colour and vibrancy, or dark and full of insidious weeds.

Like any garden, we can transform it. We can purposefully plant the right seeds, choose the right nutrients, and nurturing it the right way.

In this podcast I will talk about the garden of our mind. It may be clouded with some weeds (through thoughts and experiences), AND it can be transformed.

By waking up to the seeds already there we can CHOOSE which ones need to be pulled up and which new ones to be planted and cultivated.


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Cindy Owen

Founder, Balanced Wisdom


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