Podcast 6: Your Body is Smarter than You Are

Living from the neck down.

So, here it is, Podcast #6: Why your mind is frustrated with you.

After this episode Your mind will be in sync with your body and the ideas and passion will flow.  Look out world, you’re rockin it now.

Your mind is trying it’s best to support and move you forward. To help you create and be with joy and contentment.  But it needs more from you. Just as you’re getting to know your mind and build a different relationship with it, your mind needs to get to know your body and build a different relations with it.  

Our bodies are smarter than we are.  So much of our emotions get stored, AND STUCK, in our bodies.  Our mind spin and the body is agitate and restless. It’s trying to tell us something and we don’t, (or don’t know how) to listen.  

Often it’s as simple as getting a glass of water.  At other times it may require the body to move and ‘shake it off’.  Whatever is needed your body knows what to do. Let’s discover how to listen to it.  This is the only way we can wake up our bigger selves and come into the present moment.  You know this is what true living is – right here – right now. MIND BODY AND SEEDS.

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Cindy Owen

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